Valentine Day discount on our wine tasting gift vouchers

DOQ Priorat wine tasting, Valentine Day discount. Celler Devinssi, GratallopsValentine Day is round the corner, so we have come up with this idea of pampering those who are in love with wine (aka wine lovers).

So you now have this opportunity to treat your significant other wine lover to a Valentine Day wine tasting gift voucher, so that they can visit Celler Devinssi here in DOQ Priorat and taste our wines. Hopefully, you can join them in this adventure 😉

The special offer is valid until 14 February (Valentine Day) and gets you 5% off the price on any of our wine tasting experiences available in our online shop.

In order to apply the discount, enter either of these codes: SANTVALENTVI or BEMYVALENTWINE when purchasing wine tasting gift vouchers in our online shop.



Pruning vines and eating calçots in Priorat! (February 2023)

calçotada priorat celler devinssi gratallops mas trucafort

Time has come for calçotadas and it’s also time to carry out typical winter winemaking tasks. Do you want to learn how to prune grapevines and eat calçots in a region that stands out for its wine and food and enjoy the extraordinary scenic beauty?

From Gratallops (DOQ Priorat) and Falset (county capital), we offer you to enjoy an enriching and foodie activity: grapevine pruning workshop featuring a calçotada barbecue.


winery visits in Priorat: vine pruning class and calçotada Gratallops Falset

You’re welcome to visit us on the 12th, 19th or 26th of February (Sundays) to enjoy the Priorat panoramas and learn how to prune grapevines.

This way you can learn how to prune vines in good company! We will not make you prune the whole vineyard, but we will simply teach you the techniques and you will spend some nice time in contact with nature. The workshop will end with a wine tasting and a subsequent calçotada at the Mas Trucafort restaurant.

Place: Gratallops, DOQ Priorat, and Falset


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Priorat red wine aromas master class (Setmana del vi català)

SomAromes DOQ Priorat wine tasting, wine aromas master classAre you choosing the wines for the Christmas holidays? To open during Christmas meal or perhaps to give as a present?

We have a proposal to explore this November: DOQ Priorat red wine aromas master class.

During the workshop you will be able to get to know the aromas of our wines thanks to the SomAromes pack and decide which wine will be best to drink or give this Christmas.

The SomAromes del Mas de les Valls pack includes 8 aromas in the form of natural products that describe the aromatic profile of our red Mas de les Valls (DOQ Priorat) and is also applicable to the other red wines we produce. This pack is also an ideal gift for people who are starting out in the world of wine!

The master class will consist of exploring and the aromas of a red Priorat wine and a tasting of 3 red wines. Continue reading

Grape harvest workshops in Gratallops, DOQ Priorat, on 9-11 September 2022

grape harvest master class, Celler Devinssi, Gratallops, DOQ Priorat

You’ve been missing some cool activities in the middle of a vineyard, right? And especially now, that the grapes are about to be harvested? Well, our proposal is: grape harvest + wine tasting + nibbles!

This year we are resuming tour grape harvest workshops, because we already have requests to live the experience of grape harvesting and we cannot say no to our grapevine adopters and other Celler Devinssi’s friends.

Save the date on 9 September (Friday), 10 September (Saturday) or 11 September (Sunday) to enjoy Priorat’s scenery and learn to harvest or improve your grape harvesting skills. Continue reading

Celler Devinssi takes part in the Priorat Tomato and Orchard Days, 19 August – 11 September, 22

Priorat Tomato and Orchard Foodie Days wine tastingThis August and September, the Priorat Tomato and Orchard Foodie Days are back, organised by the Priorat Enoturisme association, of which Celler Devinssi has been part since 2019.

The days aim to highlight the local seasonal vegetables of the Priorat county, now that their taste characteristics are at their peak.

About thirty members of the Priorat Enoturisme association are putting at your service different activities related to tomatoes and other local vegetables: restaurants, accommodation, oil mills and wineries have mouth-watering proposals that will be held between 19 August and 11 September, 2022.

At Celler Devinssi, specifically, we are highlighting our wine tasting experience with local nibbles (pica-pica), which has been a steady success Continue reading

This summer, be mindful when using water in Priorat

This summer, be mindful when using water in Priorat

Today we would like to talk to all the people who come to visit us in Priorat.

This summer is turning out to be very dry and in Gratallops we are already starting to notice the effect of the drought, we sometimes lack the pressure of the tap water.

The problem is very complex and if you want to know more you can read the article in the newspaper Reus Digital: Priorat will study the legal responsibilities of the ACA if the new interbasin transfer of the Siurana creek leaves it without water.

Please do your best to save water during your stay at the Priorat (when showering, washing, watering plants, etc.). We want you to enjoy our scenery and our wines and at the same time we also want to enjoy our home, which is going through very difficult times right now.

Many thanks in advance.

Josep Roca and the Celler Devinssi team

Celebrate the World Tapas Day with a glass of Priorat! June 2022

World Tapas day and Priorat wine: Celler Devinssi and Slate Wine Bar

Tapas at Slate Wine Bar. Photos: courtesy of @andrea.alvarez.338

16 June is the World Tapas Day! BOOK HERE!

Tapas is are a great Spanish foodie tradition that has always been linked to wine. The tradition dates to the middle ages, when tavern keepers offered tapas alongside the wine to make sure carriage drivers had some food to offset the libations.

Nowadays, tapas have become an elaborate nosh, with myriads of combinations, ranging from simple pickles to sophisticated savouries, such as pinchos. Tapas pair wonderfully with wines.

Wouldn’t you love to try such a pairing in Priorat?

Then here’s our proposition from Gratallops: Visit Celler Devinssi to taste our artisanal DOQ Priorat wines and then enjoy some lovely tapas at Slate Wine Bar. The tapas are created by chef and sommelier Guillermo Gallará, and you’ll certainly be delighted by his creations! See the gallery below!

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Walking and wine tasting at sunset: June 2022

DOQ Priorat dégustation vins coucher du soleil sunset wine tasting Celler Devinssi

As you know, spring ends with the summer solstice. It is a pleasant time of long days and quite comfortable weather for walking and enjoying the nature and the DOQ Priorat’s vineyard scenery.

This June 2022, we suggest that you take a gentle walk through Gratallops ending with a wine tasting and pica-pica while watching the sunset from the vineyard.

As a result of the collaboration between El Brogit Guiatges and Celler Devinssi, this activity will take place on 4, 18 and 23 June.

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Green-pruning vines and eating paella in Priorat! 2, 8 and 9 June, 2022

Would you like to be a vineyard gardener for a day? In the spring, grapevines expand their foliage rapidly turning the place into a green garden, full of twigs and leaves. It certainly creates a lovely view, and still needs some tidying up… And after a good while pruning the vines, what could be better than a delicious traditional meal to recharge the batteries? Would you like to see how arròs de tros from Priorat is cooked and than savour it?

green pruning vines and wine tasting winery Gratallops Priorat paella cooking show after wine tasting Falset Priorat
grapevine green-pruning and wine tasting at Celler Devinssi followed by the”arròs de tros” cooking show at Mas Trucafort 

Well, now it’s time to green-prune the vines in Priorat… Have you ever heard of this? Sounds like pruning, but done when the vineyards are lush green. It’s a crucial vineyard hands-on activity that consists in preserving the best vine twigs towards the grape ripening and culling all the others. Would you like to learn how to green-prune a vine in a great company and eat arròs de tros (a traditional Priorat paella)?

From Gratallops (DOQ Priorat) and Falset (county capital), we’re inviting you to enjoy an exciting vine-and-foodie activity: green-pruning vines and eating paella.

Save the date on 2, 8 or 9 June (Thursday, Friday and Tuesday) in order to enjoy Priorat’s striking scenery and learn how to prune vines.

Thus you’ll be able to learn how to do this fun farming task! You won’t toil green-pruning the whole plot, you’ll rather master the techniques while enjoying in the lap of nature. The master class will be rewarded by a wine tasting and a paella lunch at the Mas Trucafort restaurant.

Place: Gratallops, DOQ Priorat, and Falset

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