Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (March, 2014)

March 2014: spring and farmworks. Month of mellow wines…

When we already thought that we could put our winter coats away, the weather brought us another surprise… Not only did it surprise us, but also almond and cherry trees and even vines that are already showing their first shoots. The Gratallops scenery couldn’t be more beautiful. Blossoming trees are everyplace, boasting their white and shiny green colours.

This month of March has brought a very important event to our winery, what we spontaneously called “the historical ploughing”. We’re including a video and pictures by Nacho Roca. This historical ploughing session was carried out at our Rocapoll winery, where we enlisted some help from a real mule! This event gave us some awesome pictures that are worth praising and commenting.

Being grapevine adopters, you have the exclusive opportunity to see the full gallery of the event.

We also ploughed the Rocapoll vineyard with the purpose of adding a new plantation of 400 young Carignan vine stumps that will give a fresh touch to our wines.

In tourism and cellar door sales, we’ve hosted different visits and tastings at our vineyard cabin. Some of our grapevine adopters visited us, which is very much to our liking!

This March has been the mellow wine month for Priorat. Our wines have been evaluated by out German prescriber Torsten Hammer, who is into Priorat wines. Our ranci dolcet has reached 100 points on his ranking.

Mellow wines from Priorat are expanding their horizons, they are being highly valued. Another example is René Barbier and Jaume Balaguer who have just won 100 Parker points.

It’s also interesting that our regulatory board has refurbished its official website. Now it seems way more google friendly, more accessible, intuitive, and therefore easy to navigate. Why don’t you have a look at it?

Among other novelties, we’d like to let you know that we’re preparing a series of numbered magnums of 2004 Il·lia (they’re lying down in our cellar after being bottled nearly 8 years ago!).

And finally, we’d just like to mention that we’ve achieved over 750 followers at our Instagram account! If you don’t follow us yet, our app name is: @prioratwinetours

Enjoy your April!

Prepared by Laura Roca Ticó

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