Wines and wine tourism: 20 highlights of 2014. Celler Devinssi, DOQ Priorat

A year ago, we came up with a summary of some episodes that had happened to us “on the grapevine” and in wine tourism in 2013. Today, we’ve decided to go over this experience and share with you some moments that we’ve lived together. It takes only a few days to farewell the year 2014, a year that brought us very good grape crops, a remarkable increase of wine tours and also more wine sales and expansion of our grapevine adopters’ club. So, let’s clink our glasses together for 2015, with its new challenges and ambitions!

Well, today we’ve got 20 new stories. They are shown chronologically, from January through December, and we do not mean to rank anything: we are just grateful to you for your input. This time, we’ve decided to publish them beforehand, so that our grapevine adopters can see them earlier through their exclusive password. This all will be seen publicly from 7 January, 2015. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

We wish you a happy 2015!

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Pictures of mule-ploughing at our vineyard in Gratallops, wine tours in DOQ Priorat

Some of our wine tourists in Priorat have been able to enjoy onsite the spectacle of mule-ploughing of our old vineyard Rocapoll. Here, we’re publishin a few pictures taken by the professional photographer Nacho Roca of Instinto Gráfico.

Those of you who are our grapevine adopters will have the exclusive chance to see a large photo gallery of this farming chore, as well as a video, in the next March newsletter.

If you’re thinking of arranging shortly a wine tour in Priorat, please read here the details of our tour proposals.

Spring is just round the bend!

Cheers from Gratallops, DOQ Priorat

Wines and wine tourism: 20 highlights of 2013. Celler Devinssi, DOQ Priorat

It’s a few hours since we saw the New Year in, ate up the 12 grapes to the chime strikes and clinked together glasses of – undoubtedly – sparkling cava! Allow us to make our farewells to 2013, a year that treated us to a lot of pleasurable moments that wouldn’t have been possible without all direct customers, wine tourists, local and remote collaborators.

Today, we’ve chosen 20 episodes to highlight and to thank some of you – thinking of every, every, everybody. We’ll list them here, as well as on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus in a chronological order. So, by no means will it be a league table 😉

We wish you a happy 2014!

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Wine tours in DOQ Priorat on Easter holiday

If you’re thinking of an Easter holiday in Tarragona (Costa Daurada), Priorat is certainly a must-visit. Here you can relish in this scenery full of vineyard climbing up the steep schist slopes and terraces – and enjoy its most prominent product: DOQ Priorat wines. This region will surprise you with hills and valleys galore, its cultural heritage and excellent tourism offer: tens of wineries and restaurants. Continue reading

Tasting Priorat wine:Il·lia 2007

Priorat is the other, apart from la Rioja, Spanish DOCa, qualified appellation of origin (in Catalan Denominació d’Origen Qualificada, DOQ in short), located in the province of Tarragona. This is a mountainous area with dramatic slopes; as a result vineyards are often farmed in form of terraces. The climate is hot and dry, with a noticeable temperature oscillations between day and night, plus microclimates tend to vary among its valleys and high plateau, where cold winds from the North are quite common. Vineyards grow between 100 and 700 metres above the sea level, on terrains of predominantly volcanic origin. Samsó (Carignan) and garnatxa (Grenache) are the most popular grape varieties. However, there are plenty of international grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah, and also some white grapes like garnatxa blanca, macabeu and Pedro Ximénez. Continue reading

“Más claro que el vino” by Joseph Puig: an artistic perspective on the world of wine

Joseph Puig is a very charismatic character of the wine-making world. To some extent, this is to him that our artisan winery owes its existence in Priorat: Joseph Puig’s enthusiasm was so convincing that Josep Roca made up his mind to come here to Gratallops to elaborate his first Priorat wine: “Il·lia“.

The remarkable wine author keeps on revealing the world of wine to the public not only through his wines but his new literary creation: the novel “Noé: Más claro que el vino” (literally, “Noah: Clearer than Wine”). Continue reading

DOQ Priorat wine tours under October rains

This October has been marked by rain in the province of Tarragona. Our vineyards, well ploughed after early vintage, have received an avalanche of long-awaited rainwater and the farmland has started to grow fresh and juicy grass typical of our autumn.

At the winery, once the fermentation and pressing tasks were completed, we could turn hand to some improvement we had planned for this October: the transfer of our wine shop. Continue reading

Sizzling and dry August in Priorat: presage of a very good vintage?

This summer is moving towards its closing stage, and peasants are about to start the grape harvest, the finale of this period of waiting and uneasiness. This August has been ruthless across Catalonia and above all in inlands like Priorat.

The dry and ubiquitous heat has affected certain plants, like some almond trees that bowed their leaves or some fig trees that grew quite small, however very flavorous, fruits. Continue reading