DOQ Priorat wine visiting Ribera d’Ebre! Christmas Fair in Tivissa, 5-6 December, 2015


In fact, Priorat and the Ebro Lands are close neighbours. Just get behind the wheel and drive from the Ebro River’s dynamic waters and prolific gardens, so in 20-30 minutes you’ll land in a rugged area of vineyard slopes and terraces. And vice versa.

So, on 5-6 December, during the Puríssima long weekend, there’ll be a place to discover our wines in a very scenic village of Tivissa, located in the Ribera d’Ebre county. Tivissa town hall encouraged us to take part in the 4th Christmas Fair that is going to be held in the village’s old quarter. The event intends to be a showcase for the area’s local producers.

Feria del vino Falset 2013In our case, we’ll be participating in the event as ‘neighbour producers’: you’ll have a chance to taste and purchase some of our DOQ Priorat wines at the fair: Cupatge, Mas de les Valls and IL·LIA. And in view of the Christmas campaign, you’ll find our grapevine adoption information (an original idea of Christmas gift).

If you’re somewhere around Ribera d’Ebre during the Puríssima long weekend, the Tivissa Christmas Fair is an excellent plan to have a few hours of fun with family and friends.

For more details on the fair, see the Tivissa town hall website

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