Business hours and bookings

💬 Bookning (WhatsApp, messaging only) +34608783094

Tasting at the Rocapoll vineyard. @bcnfotolove

Visits and tastings at Celler Devinssi are always arranged through advance booking, at least two days beforehand.

The approximate schedule is: 10am-12noon, 12noon-2pm, 4pm-6pm, 6pm-8pm, Monday-Sunday. Visits and tastings are customized onsite, therefore the duration is approximate.

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So if you want to experience our artisan winery, please get in touch with us through the contact form at our website or via whatsapp: +34608783094


  • Vineyard escape + winery tour + wine tasting = 15€ / 1 person (2 persons minimum)
  • Vineyard escape + winery tour + wine tasting + pairing with local products = 30€ / 1 person (2 persons minimum). ✅➡️ NEW FORMAT!  ⇒ Learn more…


  • ROCAPOLL tour: vineyard escape + winery tour + wine tasting, including our Rocapoll = 100€ / 2 persons (for larger groups, please conact us). ⇒ Learn more…
  • SOMAROMES: experience: vineyard visit + wine aroma master class + tasting of red Mas de les Valls and 2 more wines = 40€ / 2 persons (for larger groups, please conact us). ⇒ Learn more


Wine tourism experiences with Celler Devinssi are conducted in one of five languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Russian

Winery boutique. Purchasing wine, olive oil and other items

At our winery, you have within easy reach both our own wines and those of sister wineries who share distribution with us, among these our 1068 d’Il·lia (DO Montsant).

Special conditions

  • Grapevine adopters: remember to bring along your adopter’s card to enjoy the special discounts available for the members of our adopters club.


Our address is: Carrer Masets 1, Gratallops.

Wine tourism in Priorat with Celler Devinssi

Barrel cellar. Author: Nacho Roca

Our artisan winery is located in the old quarter of Gratallops. Here, we’ll talk you through the process of making handcraft wines. The winery has a tasting room, where we offer wine tastings for groups, wine-and-food pairings and other creative activities related to wine and wine tours. It is down here that you can find out how to join the grapevine adopter club by Celler Devinssi.

Tailor-made wine tours

Since we are a small and family business, we ensure that each of our wine tours is customized: it can be simply a leisurely tour through the winery with a wine tasting or a broader wine-and-food experience: featuring visits to our vineyards, wine-and-dining in next-door restaurants, and combined visits arranged with other producers.

Vineyard tours

Visit to the Rocapoll vineyard with El Brogit Guiatges

To enrich your wine tourism experience in Priorat, Celler Devinssi offers trips to our vineyards in Gratallops, which enjoy some breathtaking views that overlook the village, the mountain of la Serra de Montsant, the Hermitage, and the south-west of the Priorat region. Here indeed, carrying a camera and taking pictures is a must-do. The vineyard scenery is lovely all year round: in the winter, when the schist stone glitters while fresh green grass is sprouting; in the spring, when grapevines release their first shoots; in the summer, when grapes work hard to achieve shape, ripen and get harvested; or in the autumn, when vineyard foliage morphs into reddish and yellowish shades…

Downloadable materials via the Priorat tourist information officeDownloadable materials via the Priorat tourist information office

Wine tours are possible thanks to safety measures: 
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Enoturisme al Priorat: el Celler Devinssi reobre les portes seguint les mesures de seguretat