SomAromes – Marta Serradell

I’m Marta Serradell (@soc_lamarta). I came to Priorat in 2015 to pursue the apprenticeship in vine-growing and winemaking. One of the most impressive memories I have of that time are the different subjects, where we delved into the complexity of wine production, and also the tasting classes, where we spent each class discovering the aromas that can arise when smelling different wines. In class, we did it with flasks of industrially produced aromatic essences.

My background is in floristry and restaurant industry. I used to rather associate the realm of aromas with plants, and the realm of wine, with the drinks that customers ordered. It was in the classroom that these two domains merged in my life. It was then that I realized how complex wine scents are. And I wondered: people who are not expert tasters, how can they (including me) break the barrier and learn to smell wine with the same ease?

In the middle of the apprenticeship, the opportunity arose for me to take over La Floristeria in Falset (@lafloristeria.falset), which was for sale, and I didn’t miss it. So, I had to put on ice my wine explorations that I was doing at the Winemaking School. However, I wanted to create a link with this land, called Priorat, because I am very grateful to this region for welcoming and hosting me. That’s why I kept ruminating on how a person who doesn’t understand wine can enjoy its scents and play at guessing its aromas. I’ve talked to a lot of friends and colleagues who work in wine and I’ve been noting down all ideas.

And one day – eureka – I already had it! Each wine has its own aromatic profile, it can be more or less complex, but I was sure that it could have about 8 different aromas that can be found in it and that could be represented by natural, local, even chewable, products, and not by chemicals. At that time, we were talking a lot with a friend, Jordi Ustrell, who I had met at the Winemaking School here in Falset.

And we plunged ourselves into it! To start with the project, we chose the red Mas de les Valls by Celler Devinssi (where Jordi works), we sat down to brainstorm a list of aromas that this wine could have. The initial list was much longer, about 16 aromas. To choose 8, we arranged several “focus groups” with friends and acquaintances, some of them working in wine and others not. And we chose the 8 aromas represented by the SomAromes pack for this wine.

I want to interpret the flavours of many more wines through natural products so that people can play with aromas and feel increasingly closer to the domain of wine.