SomAromes: Sensorial ExperienceSomAromes an original wine tasting through wine aromas

Learn to taste and enjoy the aromas of a wine: Here comes SomAromes

SomAromes + Mas de les Valls wine tasting kit, DOQ Priorat


We tend to think that in order to appreciate the aromas of a wine we have to be super experts in tasting, don’t we? That it involves belonging to a pantheon of experts with exquisite palates, able to discern every nuance? Professional tasters’ work certainly has great merit and listening to and reading their tasting notes wouldn’t do any harm at all.

However, learning to smell and taste a wine, everyone can do that. You don’t have to study drama to be amazed by a good film, understand its plots, and put yourself in its characters’ shoes. In the same way, we can get excited about the colours and flavours of a good wine. And the first steps are very simple: learn to discern the aromas of a single wine.

We offer you a pack of 8 aromas to enjoy a wine tasting experience. An elegant pack to share a good time of unwinding and learning with friends and family discovering the smells of a red wine.

What does the SomAromes pack include?

SomAromes + Mas de les Valls wine tasting kit, DOQ Priorat


  • 8 tins with wine aromas epitomised by natural products: slate (mineral aroma), aniseed, clove, ñora pepper, rosemary, coffee, cherry and raisins
  • A box to store the tins because they can be used for more than one tasting
  • A bottle of red Mas de les Valls (DOQ Priorat)
  • A card with the detailed description of the wine
  • Guidelines to follow a correct and at the same time exciting wine tasting procedure
  • A very cool magnet to stick to your fridge

Why did we choose these 8 flavours? We’ve tasted the Mas de les Valls wine with different groups of expert tasters, as well as with amateur tasters, and we’ve chosen the most typical aromas of this wine that can be represented by natural products.

Unlike wine tasting packs created with chemical essences, we have opted to use natural products. For example, the fruit aromas you can find smelling this wine are cherry and raisins, so it will be precisely these fruits that you will find inside the tins.

How to taste wine with the SomAromes pack?

SomAromes wine tasting experience, Priorat


The guidelines included in the pack will tell you step by step all the stages you need to follow to enjoy your wine tasting. You will see that it is very easy. What is important is to open the bottle of wine before the tasting and let it get aerated for a while.

The tins containing the aromas are numbered, so first follow the guidelines to discover them, with no rush. They can be rubbed, nibbled on, smelled to slowly train your smell memory. And it’s more fun in good company! This will allow you to exchange impressions of the aromas. And when the wine is well aerated, fill the glasses and follow the guidelines to enjoy the wine tasting and identify the aromas.

Who has SomAromes been created for?

The SomAromes wine tasting kit is aimed at those who want to enjoy a sensorial wine tasting experience interacting with the aromas. SomAromes © is an easy way to enjoy wine without the need to be a professional.

Who are we? SomAromes!

Marta Serradell and Jordi Ustrell

SomAromes Marta Serradell Jordi Ustrell

Marta Serradell and Jordi Ustrell. Photo: @espiralada

Where to buy SomAromes?

You can purchase the SomAromes + Mas de les Valls kit in our online shop.

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