Easter holiday in Priorat: visiting your sponsored vineyard

wine tours in Priorat at Celler Devinssi for this Easter holidayDo you have a family memeber or a friend who is keen on wine and wineries? Well, here’s an idea of what to do on this Easter holiday: visit Priorat and discover its delicious wines and its landscape of unrivaled beauty. Moreover, to enhance this wine travel experience, you can give the wine geek quite a particular wine trip: a grapevine adoption. Thus you can come over to see your grapevines wake up after the hibernation and enjoy a wine tasting in the very heart of our remarkable wine-making regiona: DOQ Priorat.

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Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (December, 2014)

A quite relaxed December…

Our vineyards’ scenery gained typical winter colours in December. The grapevines lost virtually all their leaves, which means that now the plants can be hardly seen, particularly at the old vineyard, where they are very short. So if you’d like to see and cherish your sponsored vines while they’re sleeping you’ll need to really delve in the vineyard. Well, now it’s pruning time here in January. Continue reading

Wines and wine tourism: 20 highlights of 2014. Celler Devinssi, DOQ Priorat

A year ago, we came up with a summary of some episodes that had happened to us “on the grapevine” and in wine tourism in 2013. Today, we’ve decided to go over this experience and share with you some moments that we’ve lived together. It takes only a few days to farewell the year 2014, a year that brought us very good grape crops, a remarkable increase of wine tours and also more wine sales and expansion of our grapevine adopters’ club. So, let’s clink our glasses together for 2015, with its new challenges and ambitions!

Well, today we’ve got 20 new stories. They are shown chronologically, from January through December, and we do not mean to rank anything: we are just grateful to you for your input. This time, we’ve decided to publish them beforehand, so that our grapevine adopters can see them earlier through their exclusive password. This all will be seen publicly from 7 January, 2015. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

We wish you a happy 2015!

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Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (November 2014)

Windy and rainy! November, 2014

We realised that time really flies, last November! It seemed so short, so intense and so rainy! Particularly, the last weekend of the month.

The vineyards are already entirely unwinding after the grape harvest. They treated us to a few weeks of delectable colours! A real enchantment, particularly our old vineyard Rocapoll, where your adopted grapevines live! The lovely grass made the estate look like a flowered meadow! By the way, the DOQ Priorat appellation’s regulatory board has already notified us that the harvest was very good this year! Continue reading

This Christmas’s gift: a vineyard in Priorat

Or rather, give YOURSELF a vineyard in Priorat?

Do you have a relative or friend who’s a wine lover and wine traveller? Or maybe you’re keen on discovering wine-making sites with captivating scenery and high-quality wines? Are your looking for an original gift for Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Magi? Or maybe you’d like to indulge yourself with a wine-related fad?

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Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (October 2014)

October 2014: athletic and digital autumn in Priorat

Now sunny, now overcast days, gentle temperatures, minimal rainfalls… What a pleasurable autumn season! Nature is slowing down anticipating the winter sleep… After the noticeable September showers, grass has sprouted all around to cover the rugged lands of slate stones with a green carpet… October has treated us to some very shiny colours. Vineyards dressed up in vibrant red and yellow! What a true drama of the nature! Continue reading

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (September 2014)

September, 2014: the reel of harvest and wine tourism

Oops! We’ve skipped the August newsletter! How come? Well, the following September news will explain the reasons. However, August news is available, too. To read it, please follow this link.

The first half of September has been remarkably hotter than August, which helped the grapes progress a little bit in their ripening. However, only a little bit. And the second half of the month has brought about rains, oftentimes heavy ones, so we had to make some breaks during the harvest, due to the difficulty of foreseeing the weather even in the short run. Continue reading

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (August 2014)

Soft August, slow ripening…

The summer is coming to an end… Days are becomingshorter, hours of sun are shrinking… evenings are increasingly striking in Priorat. Amazing orange shades get mixed with the verdure of the fields and vineyards losing its high pitch…

Like throughout the peninsula, this month of August has emphasised remarkably clouds, however it hasn’t rained much. True, though, that, at some points in time, there was unbearable humidity… Like in a sauna. Continue reading

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (July, 2014)

July, 2014: 60 year of the DOQ Priorat!

Highlighted: Restaurant Pepa Tomate (Cupatges)

The climatic situation in July, 2014, was quite pleasant. Besides some occasional minor rains and thunders, we may well say that we enjoyed some long days of sun and sizzling heat, with the landscape denoting increasing drought, i.e. we crossed the typical midsummer heatwave. However, Priorat’s early mornings are oftentimes cool, so those who sleep with open windows needed a blanket sometimes at dawn.

PEPA TOMATE: Constitutional revolution

Vineyards in July: ripening colours

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