A St.Valentine gift for wine lovers… Grapevine adoption in DOQ Priorat

Saint Valentine’s Day is just round the bend. This festivity is quite recent here in Catalonia (nothing can outshine the age-old tradition of the lovers’ day of Sant Jordi!). Saint Valentine’s Day has become an extra chance to flourish your affect or love to your partner or possible future partner. Romantic gifts galore of all sorts of interest are ubiquitous, starting with small household items and finishing with romantic escapes and journeys just for two.

Are you in love? Do you have a wine-lover partner? Do you love wine travel? Do you know a romantic couple? Are you after an original gift for Saint Valentine’s Day? So we offer you our solution that can be attractive to many wine geeks who want to discover our small wine-making region that has become widely renowned across the world: DOQ Priorat.

We offer you our three formulas of grapevine adoption that include: Continue reading