18th Falset Wine Fair: Priorat’s impressive success!

18th Falset Wine Fair: Priorat’s impressive success!

Falset wine fair 2013The 18th Falset Wine Fair is over. Those were two busy and pleasurable days! Over 13.000 visitors walked through the main aisle to enjoy the variety of DO Montsant and DOQ Priorat wines. As you may well remember, last year we crossed the 12,000 border. Good weather and well-planned and careful promotion seems to have shown very good return on investment.

Feria del vino Falset 2013Visitors at the wine fair were from all over the world! Obviously, an important part of the guests were from around Catalonia. However, at our stand, we could practice English, French, Spanish, Russian, a few words in German and Norwegian. And what not! Seeing people who drive long miles to make it here gives such strong sense of gratification!

Font: www.elcuriosmondelvidelpriorat.blog.catBooks about Priorat wine took an important part in our wine fair experience. Not far from our stall, wine lovers could sample and buy a book “Més enllà del vi_DOQ Priorat by Sebastiano Alba: a collection of winemakers’ personal stories… At the other end of the aisle, Eli Varela and Miquel Hudin rolled out their “Vinologue Priorat” guide: a pocket book helpful for arranging your wine tour through Priorat.

A very special finding was Ferran Mestres’ “El curiós món del vi del Priorat”, where we discovered a description of our Rocapoll wine’s story – totally out of the blue! We already have this book available at our winery!

Fira del vi de Falset 2013The Falset wine fair, actually, showed very interesting dynamics: on Saturday our guests would mostly taste and buy 2009 Mas de les Valls, whereas on Sunday, our 2007 Il·lia (just a few bottles left) was a great success. Interestingly, our visitors were also very attracted by our Ranci Dolcet, a very limited edition mellow wine, where the base wine was Sergi’s grandfather’s 1963 white wine.

винная ярмарка в Фалсете, Коста Дорада, 2013Similarly to previous wine fairs, Celler Devinssi’s grapevine adoptions were very attractive, so we got some new subscribers here. Obviously, a fair wouldn’t be a fair without some new contacts in wine business and wine tours! And old friends and old wine are best, that is, thank you, dear friends who came over to walk through the fair and give us some support!


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