June 2024 agenda: wine experiences at Celler Devinssi (DOQ Priorat)

June 2024 agenda: wine experiences at Celler Devinssi (DOQ Priorat)

The month of June is close and we have prepared for you this agenda of activities in which Celler Devinssi (DOQ Priorat) will participate. Each event is related to the world of wine and has quite varied nuances.

This mont of June we are happy to collaborate with: Jordi Utset (Tast de Màgnums), Mas Trucafort (Green-pruning vineyards and paella in Priorat), Ajuntament (Tastets de Gratallops), SLATE Wine Bar / Clos Figueras (World Tapas Day), El Brogit Guiatges (Solstice hike and sunset wine tasting), Associació de Cellers de Gratallops (GrataPride).

We hope you like our wine tourism and wine tasting proposals for this June. If the dates don’t work out for you or you want to do a visit with wine tasting, we won’t argue. To arrange the visit, send us a TEXT MESSAGE via whatsapp: +34608783094. You can check the types of visits we offer here: Vineyard visits and wine tastings.


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1 June: the 6th Tast de Màgnums, Castell de Falset 

As an artisan winery, Celler Devinssi we can’t participate in all the events of the Priorat Wine Fair. However, there are a couple of them where we are appearing this year.

As you already know, a few weeks ago we participated in one of the first events of the Wine Fair, the Tast amb Llops, where we introduced, among other things, the wines that have gone on sale in advance.

This year we were invited by Jordi Utset to the gathering that marks the culmination of the Priorat Wine Fair: the 6th edition of the Tast de Màgnums (magnum bottle tasting). Jordi Utset is a great enthusiast of Catalan wines, much appreciated by wine producers throughout the country. Learn more

6 and 7 June: Green-pruning vineyards and paella in Priorat

Would you like to be a vineyard gardener for a day? In the spring, grapevines expand their foliage rapidly turning the place into a green garden, full of twigs and leaves. It certainly creates a lovely view, and still needs some tidying up… The master class will be rewarded by a wine tasting and a paella lunch at the Mas Trucafort restaurant. Learn more 

8 June: Tastets de Gratallops 

Celler Devinssi will participate on 8 June in the 6th edition of Tastets de Gratallops, a wine tasting organised by the Gratallops Town Council. In this annual gathering, you can taste wines from all 28 Gratallops wineries (DOQ Priorat).

The wine that we will mainly offer to taste on that day is 2021 red Mas de les Valls.

If you are subscribed to our newsletter and are coming to Tastets de Gratallops there’s a big bonus for you... Learn more

14 - 17 June: Celebrate the World Tapas Day in Priorat! 

A novel proposal by Celler Devinssi and Clos Figueras (Gratallops, DOQ Priorat)

Mid-June is known internationally for the celebration of the World Tapas Day. Celler Devinssi and the SLATE Wine Bar (Gratallops) will be happy to celebrate it with you. 

Wouldn’t you love to try such a pairing in Priorat? Learn more

19 and 20 June: Solstice 2024: hiking between vineyards + sunset wine tasting

As you know, spring ends with the summer solstice. It is a pleasant time of long days and fairly comfortable weather to be able to go for walks while enjoying nature and the vineyard landscape of the DOQ Priorat.

This June 2024 we offer to take a gentle walk through Gratallops finished with a wine tasting while watching the sunset from the vineyard. Learn more

29 June: GrataPride in Gratallops! 

On Saturday, 29 June, 2024, the village of Gratallops will celebrate the first LGTBIQ+ Pride festival in Priorat, a frankly brave and innovative proposal.

We can tell you that the programme will feature cultural and claiming events, with our area’s leitmotif: DOQ Priorat wines. Learn more

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