This Christmas’s gift: a vineyard in Priorat

This Christmas’s gift: a vineyard in Priorat

Or rather, give YOURSELF a vineyard in Priorat?

Do you have a relative or friend who’s a wine lover and wine traveller? Or maybe you’re keen on discovering wine-making sites with captivating scenery and high-quality wines? Are your looking for an original gift for Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Magi? Or maybe you’d like to indulge yourself with a wine-related fad?

Why not try our formulas of grapevine adoption in Priorat? At Celler Devinssi (Gratallops, Priorat), we’ve had some years of experience in this type of special gifts.

Our vine adopters enjoy our wines, come over to visit their adopted grapevines, check out the monthly newsletters about the vineyard and also enjoy special discounts on our products.

What does the Priorat grapevine adoption consist in? To learn more about it, please read this: An elegant idea of a Christmas gift: a grapevine adoption in Priorat.

In the meantime, we’re sharing a small picture gallery featuring some of our grapevine guardians.

We wish you great holidays! And yes, it’s time to get some Christmas presents 😉

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