[caption id="attachment_779" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Source: Elbrogit Guiatges"][/caption] This weekend, 9 and 10 February, our DOQ Priorat wines will take part in the cycling and hiking fair “Fiets en Wandelbeurs”, Amsterdam, Netherlands. The exhibitor will be the Catalan Association of Hiking Enterprises (ACES), who invited various wine-makers and farmers to collaborate in the event via samples of their production.

An original Christmas gift idea. Adornment suggestion Christmas, New Year’s Eve and los Reyes (the Magi) are already round the bend, so the search of an original idea of a gift is cropping up again. At the Celler Devinssi winery (DOQ Priorat) we’ve come up with a possible solution. Do you fancy an original gift that would be romantic and handy at once? A valuable thingy that you can give them straightaway so that they’ll enjoy it all year ahead?

Joseph Puig is a very charismatic character of the wine-making world. To some extent, this is to him that our artisan winery owes its existence in Priorat: Joseph Puig’s enthusiasm was so convincing that Josep Roca made up his mind to come here to Gratallops to elaborate his first Priorat wine: "Il·lia". The remarkable wine author keeps on revealing the world of wine to the public not only through his wines but his new literary creation: the novel "Noé: Más claro que el vino" (literally, “Noah: Clearer than Wine”).

This October has been marked by rain in the province of Tarragona. Our vineyards, well ploughed after early vintage, have received an avalanche of long-awaited rainwater and the farmland has started to grow fresh and juicy grass typical of our autumn. At the winery, once the fermentation and pressing tasks were completed, we could turn hand to some improvement we had planned for this October: the transfer of our wine shop.

This summer is moving towards its closing stage, and peasants are about to start the grape harvest, the finale of this period of waiting and uneasiness. This August has been ruthless across Catalonia and above all in inlands like Priorat. The dry and ubiquitous heat has affected certain plants, like some almond trees that bowed their leaves or some fig trees that grew quite small, however very flavorous, fruits.

Ripening grapes Priorat wine tours SpainWe’ve been living a long spell of midsummer heat here in Gratallops (DOQPriorat), with sultry afternoons, sizzling sun and drought. In July, all Catalonia was put to test by the tragedy of l’Alt Empordà, we certainly grieve together with our neighbours from Girona. Here in Priorat, the dry and hot weather has triggered significant restrictions on accessing the Parc Natural de la Serra deMontsant.

Cupatge blanc, vi de taula, Celler DevinssiSpring is peaking in Priorat: the right time for pruning vines and trimming some bushy grass across the vineyards, a consequence of the plentiful April rains. The farmland is full of poppies and other flowers that titivate the scenery with their bright and lively colours.
Summer is coming along, slowly but surely. Every other afternoon brings in a heat wave, when the sun turns sizzling. There is just one month left before Sant Joan, the traditional date to start the summer season.

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