Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (April, 2013)

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (April, 2013)

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April Showers…

Spring showered tons of rainwater on us! Last April wet Priorat completely down. The rainfalls filled the Siurana River to the brim, and watered carefully our estates. Sergi weeded the vineyards a few weeks ago, and now the lawns have been sprouting again! In late April we had even some minor snowfalls in mountainous areas (mainly in Siurana and Collet de Feixos).

In the meantime, the vineyards – the main characters here in Priorat – grew lots of new, fresh, jolly foliage… Plus, many of them have already shown buds towards blossoming. As for flowers, the video shows that there are plenty of them, particularly poppies that liven up this crisp green scenery…

At the winery, Sergi has been very busy with the orders to ship now. And we’re through with all the necessary procedure to qualify the new vintage of Rocapoll, our Gratallops village wine. Some of you have already enjoyed this one as grapevine adopters…

Tourism keeps us pretty busy, too. On the one hand, visits have turned more diversified and this month we’ve had more overseas visitors (mainly from USA and Japan) than local ones. On the other hand, the summer season preparations have taken up the necessary time: contacting middlemen, getting leaflets printed (see the picture gallery). This month, we’ve hosted firs trekkers from Frontier Holidays. They enjoyed no end tasting our wine on the Rocapoll vineyard overlooking the landscape.

We haven’t got much news from the mass media world. Well, we’d like to highlight the rollout of the Vinologue Guide, a lovely book we’ve been looking forward to – it’s going to be officially presented tomorrow in the Wine Castle of Falset. As a finale, we’d mention the tiny article by our collaborator Jordi for the wine-educating web (Saint Petersburg, Russia), where he speaks about our county’s infatuating character.

And the Falset wine fair is to begin tomorrow. We’ll issue a special report on it…

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