Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (April, 2014)

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (April, 2014)

Abril 2014: Rain, green, good wines…

Like every month, we start with the weather overview. A Catalan proverb says: “Abril ploraner, Maig rialler” (i.e. “Crying April, laughing May”). This April has been truly wet with “crying”, now let’s see what May will bring us in the end.

Rains have been quite well-spread throughout the month and allowed for some spells of nice weather, which balanced the month instead of just raining hard for several days in a row.

Plus, we once had a blow of muddy rain! The famous Sahara rains, as they are sometimes called. This made us wash our car a couple of times, which was actually a welcome reminder.

The vineyards started to vegetate, and have already boosted a lot of bright green foliage. We’re excited to see that the newly planted vines are getting wrapped up with green leaves too!

The winery chores have been the same as usual, but nearly twice as intensive. We’ve been bottling a lot. Our wines are experiencing very high demand. Plus, we bottled Il·lia 2011 towards the Falset Wine Fair.

The Easter week brought us visitors, followers and a lot of work to do, so we’re quite happy about the results.

As you can find out at the Priorat county council’s website, over 500 wine tourists visited Priorat during the Easter week. This niche market can’t help growing! Out of these 500, some have been trough our doors.

Our grapevine adopters from Finland, Katri and Heikki, posted a splendid review of our Mas de les Valls 2011. There’s a very thorough description of our wines, of the Gratallops landscapes, of the marvellous evenings and of the good ambience, which all reflects an unforgettable experience.

During this month of April we were making the arrangements to participate in the Falset Wine Fair that took place on 3 and 4 of May. We’ll tell you more about this experience in the next post.

And, to top it off, allow us a comment on our social networking. No end of bliss! Our Instagram account can’t stop growing. We have now over 1000 followers! Do you follow us?

Prepared by Laura Roca Ticó

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