Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (April, 2015)

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (April, 2015)

Abril finit, hivern passat. (April’s over, winter’s over. A Catalan saying)

The saying is very true, April is over, and it was a very pleasant month. The weather wasn’t cold or hot, just warm. Rains were quite occasional, which favoured remarkably the right development of new shoots and blossoms, both things being abbundant! So were poppies that cropped up all around our vineyards and awarded us with a burst of fancy colours!

At the winery, we’ve been bottling new wines: Rocapoll 2012, IL·LIA 2012, Mas de les Valls 2013 (red and white), thus refreshing all our range of wines! Once the bottling was over, we put Rocapoll and IL·LIA to rest in bottle, so that they keep on ageing and polishing. We also moved on to labelling the ready wines.

Also, starting from the Easter week, which was even more busy in terms of cellar door visits than in 2014, we weren’t able to catch our breath! Wine lovers, hikers, professionals, some grapevine adopters, bloggers… A month full to the brim! Oh, by the way, we’d like you to take some time to read the new entry by @VinifiCATs about us. We have no words to comment on it.

On Sant Jordi (St.George’s Day, Catalan national celebration), we participated in the preview evening of the 9th edition of Tast amb Llops at Fàbrica Moritz in Barcelona. Many visitors flocked together to discover Gratallops’ village wines. So we’re preparing the news from Tast amb Llops that will be featured in the next newsletter.

We’re also reminding you about this year’s activities for grapevine adopters.

  • Upcoming: Green-pruning: 24 May – screening the best twigs (we’ll soon send you the master class details).
  • Trimming: 19 July – smartening the vines up.
  • Grape harvest / pairing master class: 13 September – cropping grapes is the most unforeseeable task in viticulture, so if we might not be able to crop grapes on that day, we’ll make up for it with a wine-and-local-food pairing session.

And a picture from the past: (y)our Rocapoll vineyard in early April, 2006: first sprouts… When we purchased the estate, whe had to heal and spruce it up in order to achieve one of our gems: Rocapoll, vi de la vila de Gratallops.

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