Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (April, 2016)

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (April, 2016)


When: 22 May, 2016 (Sunday), 11am – 3pm
Where: Gratallops, DOQ Priorat
Who: grapevine adopters


April, a month of peace and quiet?

Dear grapevine adopters,

Vineyards are so full of flowers and so beautiful… The landscape is completely awash in springtime this April. What a panoramic luxury. And on top of the green grass and field flowers the main part is being played by young vine twigs, with their fresh green leaves, far more tender than lettuce or spinach… These are the first advances of the 2016 vintage!

We have started tidying the vineyards surprising given the abundance of grass this year. We do notice the increasing biodiversity at our vineyard: we have always had many plants, but this April has been prolific. In addition to the typical scarlet poppies, there have been lots of purplish opium poppies, also very nice-looking.

Well, at the winery, we haven’t been able to stay idle! New orders “trapped” us with a tight agenda and it was a stroke of good luck to have finally here the new bottling / corking machine, which aims to optimize our handcraft production. The new vintages of the wines have already been approved and, therefore, we have a lot of work to do in the coming weeks.

When it goes to wine tours, the month has been quite stirred up. Some of you remember that since August 2015 we haven’t stopped! The culmination of the month was the Falset Wine Fair and Tast amb Llops (30 April). It was a very nice day, the next newsletter will uncover some secrets;)

For now, we encourage you to participate in the green-pruning workshop!

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