Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (August 2014)

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (August 2014)

Soft August, slow ripening…

The summer is coming to an end… Days are becomingshorter, hours of sun are shrinking… evenings are increasingly striking in Priorat. Amazing orange shades get mixed with the verdure of the fields and vineyards losing its high pitch…

Like throughout the peninsula, this month of August has emphasised remarkably clouds, however it hasn’t rained much. True, though, that, at some points in time, there was unbearable humidity… Like in a sauna.

This year, grapes started to ripen slightly late, similarly to last year. Anyway, crops promise to be sizeable. We hope that mild yet hot weather will bring us high quality grapes.

Over the current year, weather has been quite soft, so we’re expecting that grape harvest will start in mid-September. We’ve tried to figure out precise dates, however such kind of events are quite difficult to plan ahead. We’ll focus on taking chemical tests of grapes with painstaking care, in order to capture the right moment for harvesting.

At the winery, the month has been very calm. We’ve tidied up all around to prepare everything for grape harvesting and processing.

Some highlighted events:

We’re currently working towards developing a new attractive activity: tastings our wines paired with pieces of classical music played by the Quartet Priorat (4 young musicians passionate about Priorat). On 30 August, the guys showed their musical gift in a concert that they gave outside the village church. If you follow the link you’ll find some pictures of that event.

Please remember to answer the adopters’ questionnaire – we’ve already amassed some feedback, but we’d like to have more opinions.

And finally, we’d like to thank you for your constant support on the net. We’ve already overcome 1,500 followers on Instagram. The 1,500th follower received a small wine-tour gift from us, as well as the 1,000th follower. Are you ready to become follower number 2,000?

Prepared by Laura Roca Ticó

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