Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (December, 2014)

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (December, 2014)

A quite relaxed December…

Our vineyards’ scenery gained typical winter colours in December. The grapevines lost virtually all their leaves, which means that now the plants can be hardly seen, particularly at the old vineyard, where they are very short. So if you’d like to see and cherish your sponsored vines while they’re sleeping you’ll need to really delve in the vineyard. Well, now it’s pruning time here in January.

The December climate was quite mild and balanced, without any overflows. So we didn’t suffer much cold or heat. It didn’t snow, either (it only did in our Christmas card, haha).

At the winery, a quieter period arrived in terms of wine-making and vine-growing. We immersed ourselves in preparing and sending orders throughout the Christmas campaign. Without living aside the promotion of the product that all of you enjoy: the grapevine adoptions. It was a thrilling campaign… Moreover, it had some incredible upshots on 2 January, which is to be told in our forthcoming newsletter.

Apart from that, we always show you a glimpse of our cellar door visits… We didn’t observe any noticeable patronage growth in comparison with December, 2013. Most of visitors, though, wanted to see our vineyards anyway, despite the leafless branches. We hosted the year’s last visit on 31 December!

We look forward to this beginning year, with its new vine-growing, commercial and wine-travel challenges that we anticipate.

Speak soon!

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