Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (February, 2013)

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (February, 2013)

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Pel mes de febrer, una estona al sol i una estona al braser (In February, a while in the sun and a while at the heater.) A Catalan proverb

February is a crucial month for the vineyard chores: we’ve been pruning the vines and olive trees. Pruning is vital for the vines, since the plant is asleep and you can use this moment to cut off old wood down to the few buds necessary for further sprouts when spring comes along. Sergi also has been trimming our olive trees to make them look smart, plus we’ll save the cut branches towards our heating needs.

In comparison to January, this February has been way colder if not freezing at some points. This favours the grapevines through killing a large amount of possible pests that invade the lands. On Saturday 23 February morning, we experienced a tremendous windy snowfall… It was quite akin to the 8 March, 2010, snowstorm, but not as abundant. We’re enclosing a few pictures of that spectacular day.

A new vintage of our Mas de les Valls became available in February, with a new label to show off. You can check its description in our wines section.

Some further news is related to the wine tour sector. Once the Christmas holidays and their economical trough effect was over, a new high tide of wine tourism reached us in February. Our collaboration with the Urbis hotel in Tarragona and other entities is being pretty productive. In the meantime, in anticipation of the summer season, we’ve shifted our informative Priorat wine tours blog in Russian from the blogspot to wordpress platform. You can check it out here.

Plus, consistent with our previous notice, our wines took part in the Dutch fair called Fiets en Wanderbeurs, from which we expect to reach some yield in the future. We’re envisaging more wine news from Priorat in November. The weather is certain to improve, so you could consider a weekend visit to our whereabouts.

Greetings and speak soon!


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