Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (February, 2015)

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (February, 2015)

An impressive snowfall!

Yes, Feburary rewarded us with an impressive snowfall! Unlike in realitvely stable February of 2014, this time it was very similar to February of 2013

This 4F wasn’t a very cold day, however, it snowed heavily from thick clouds that overcast the sky! See the video that we filmed on that day to see the snowfall’s magnitude. By the way, in shady corners, the snow stayed for a week.

Once the snow melted the scenery recovered its verdure, and the rest of the month was quite gentle, which allowed us to make progress in grapevine pruning. Late in February, we saw some almond trees blossom (they had a slow start this time).

We’d like to remind you the dates of the activities that you can take part in and visit your adopted vines and meet other guardians (we know that some of you have already penciled a date in 🙂 )

  • Green-pruning: 24 May – screening the best twigs.
  • Trimming: 19 July – smartening the vines up.
  • Grape harvest / pairing master class: 13 September – cropping grapes is the most unforeseeable task in viticulture, so if we might not be able to crop grapes on that day, we’ll make up for it with a wine-and-local-food pairing session.

Also we were plugged in a small article in the issue 170 of the Cuina magazine. By the way, if you want to subscribe, the have a very good offer of 24€ per year.

Do you remember the article by our friends of Catalunya Wine? Well, now they have our wines in their international shop!

And to complete the newsletter, we’re showing another historical picture of Gratallops taken 10 years ago, in February, 2005, by Nacho Roca. It’s a panorama of our village seen from Torroja del Priorat, with the Terres de l’Ebre at the backdrop.

We’ll see what news March is going to bring us…

Kind regards from Priorat!


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