Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (Februrary, 2016)

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (Februrary, 2016)

06 enoturisme febrer priorat devinssi ametllerQuan el dia creix el fred neix (a Catalan saying) ≈ As the day lengthens, so the cold strengthens

Okay, so January was quite a springtime… What about February? According to the popular wisdom, February has longer days but it’s often the coldest month of the year, here in Priorat. Quite a windy month, although also with nice periods of sunshine and calm: we wre even able to pick wild asparagus. The month completed with some modest snowfalls in the mountains. See the video filmed by our vine adopter Jaime Boldú in the villages of Siurana and Albarca, nestling on high rockd in the northern part of Priorat. Here in Gratallops we didn’t see a single snowflake, and on the next day it was quite warm.

At the vineyards, we’ve progressed with the winter pruning. Now in March, it’s time to pick up and burn the cut twigs. At the winery, we’ve been preparing new vintages of our wines: Rocapoll 2013, IL·LIA 2013 (about to bottle), white Mas de les Valls 2015. These three wines should be ready soon, because we’re facing the 10th Tast amb Llops (30 April in the afternoon).

Wine travel, however, has showed a different trend after the January rush… Visits slightly shrank in February. Anyway, the visit volume was 2.5 times larger than in February, 2015. We reached the end of the month with IL·LIA 2012 totally sold out, and just a few bottles of white Mas de les Valls 2013… Speaking of the latter, we suggest reading the new review by our vine adopter Miguel.

To close with, we’d like to share our agenda of upcoming events.


Our winery featured on a Russian television…

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