Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (January, 2016)

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (January, 2016)

ametller florint priorat devinssi 02Should almonds bloom in January?

Of course, every year, there are just a few almond trees that blossom early… But this time it’s been a blossom crush! Both in Priorat and everyplace. Good weather, sometimes overly good, has favoured vineyard works, because it makes the vine pruning a nicer experience. Zero rains, little wind, plenty of sunny days, quite a spring break for a winter… In fact, we saw the first almond blossoms on 2 January!

After the Christmas campaign, there’s a downtime period, when we can fully immerse in grapevine-pruning. Those of you who came over to the pruning master class in January, discovered the complexity of such a farming task, which, actually, shapes the vineyard’s life in the upcoming season… We’d like to thank all of you who joined the activity! We’d also like to ask you, by the way, for some feedback regarding the calçotada at Clos Figueras. Special thanks to the Cuina.Cat and Descobrir.Cat magazines for including us in their agendas!

January has also been an incredible month in terms of wine tourists! It felt just like in August or September: lovely weather and cheerful economical outlook favoured noticeably the wine travel panorama in the county. In fact, we haven’t slowed down since August, 2015! To top it off, this year’s first-footers turned up at 10am on 1 January!

Such panorama stimulated us to make new optimistic plans: we’ve been preparing new collaborations with the Hostal Sport hotel and Clos Figueras winery focussing on new wine traveller target groups. We’ll keep you updated on that.

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