Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (July, 2013)

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (July, 2013)

Nit de juliol, pluja no vol… (July night doesn’t want rain. A Catalan saying)

The saying is, actually, to the point: this July has been quite sultry, with mostly clear blue sky. This enabled the nature to progress with fruit ripening: figs, blackberries, pears and what not cropped up all around…

Sergi has carried out all possible tasks related to this season: he pruned the vines, he weeded the lawn among the plants (the grass was already very high and totally dried), he ploughed all arable land he could… and at the winery, he kept very busy. Particularly because we’ve had some very urgent orders that needed wine willy-nilly on the next day.

And, obviously, we can’t help telling you about tourism. We’ve had a very hectic and stressful July: twice as many visitations and revenues compared to July 2012! Plus, we thought once and again that it wasn’t a terribly crazy idea to close down the wine shop we used to have and to save up the hire fees.

One of our visitors – a young blogger from Moscow – published these three entries about his trip to our winery (via BarcelonaSecret). In the first entry, he’s speaking about his visit to “your” Rocapoll vineyard and the wine tasting we enjoyed up there:

In the second part, he’s telling us about our winey and his impressions of our artisanry:

And in the final part he’s giving us a flash tour of Gratallops:

This year’s grape ripening is a bit “behind the schedule”, we’ll see when the moment comes for taking some memorable pictures! Have a great August holiday!

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