Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (July, 2015)

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (July, 2015)

No és bon juliol, si el raïm no té verol (July isn’t fine if grapes don’t ripen. A Catalan saying)

Four weeks of sun and drought… A month that looked like August rather than July! Obviously, for young grapevines, this has been challenging and has left its imprint. On the other hand, the consistent heat ensured the control shot for the weeds at the vineyards, so weeding has gone ahead easily and smoothly. However, out of the blue, July saw a very wet closure: two days full of thunderstorms! 

What will the grape harves be like? When will it happen? If August keeps up with the heat trend, crops can “crop up” quite early… Anyway, let’s just wait and see what may happen… Whatever the weather, we are very happy with the véraison – the break of the ripening, when grapes are turning… Check our image gallery out! Some pictures are ours, others made by our friends of Catalunya Wine

At the winery, we’ve been bottling day and night in view of upcoming orders. Remember that our Rocapoll 2012 (half booked, in fact) is being stored in bottle, so if you want have one, drop us a line and we’ll work out a special grapevine adopter rate for you 😉

Some updates at our website. We’ve been testing our online shop. We’ve also created a French version of our webpage, so if you have French-speaking friends or relatives, forward the link 😉 We’re also happy to share this detailed review of our white wine Mas de les Valls 2013 (vi de la vila) by our blogger visitor Greig from Texas.

Finally, we had some news from the new service created by the Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya named “Com era Catalunya?”, by means of which we were able to discover the top down image of our old vineyard obtained around 1956. This is today’s picture from the past.

Wait for our mid-August news, we’ll send you the details about the grape harvest master class fixed for 13 September. Meanwhile, have a great summer!

vinya Rocapoll Priorat Gratallops Celler Devinssi 1956

P.S. The issue #176  of the magazine features our collaborator Jordi’s article about a summertime cold soup (which makes sense, with this oppressive heat!)

svekolnik cuina jordi ustrell

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