Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (May, 2013)

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (May, 2013)

May 2013: Fair, rain, greenery…

Similarly to places across Europe, Priorat has seen a month full of unreliable weather: now sunshine, now rain – a spell of coolness.

In the meanwhile, Sergi capitalised on the favourable days to take care of the vineyards: he green-pruned the vines – it was time he did! The fact of the matter is that rainfalls swapping with sunlight gave the vineyards plenty of chances for accelerated vegetation. They already boast multiple clusters, so we’ve been considering how many will be lucky to survive, since we’ll have to cut some of them off.

As we already explained in this entry, the Falset Wine Fair was very successful. We’re including a few videos below about the Fair. In the first one, you can see our Josep Roca: his incognito acting seems impeccable: this movie is an example of an excellent director and camera teamwork. Plus, we’ve discovered this other report post, to our great joy.

Visitor flow also brings some good news, no doubt. We hosted some of you who came over to rejoice in the peaceful and charming setting of the Priorat. Well, Russian tourism – the emerging happening in Catalonia – has been knocking on our doors over the last two years. And now, at last, we’ve started the collaboration with the Barcelona Secret agency: its members hold a tiny art gallery in the La Ribera neighbourhood, and a few years ago they discovered the gold mine of Russian tourists: so now their blog has turned very popular. This month we finally met them, and on the next day first bookings came in.

Videos frpm the fair:

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