Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (May, 2015)

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (May, 2015)

Abril plujós i maig ventós, fan el pagès ric i profitós (Rainy April and windy May make the peasant rich and wealthy. A Catalan saying)

Dear grapevine adopters,

Before all, we’d like to thank those of you who were able to make it here to participate in the green-pruning master-class on 24 May. Despite the municipal elections! Thanks indeed! The upcoming activity – vine trimming – is on 19 July, 2015.

This means that May has been a month invested in green-pruning, and also in ploughing our terraces and gearing up towards the summer campaign, when grapevines invest all their energy in ripening their clusters – the basis for excellent wines we want to offer you. According to today’s title, May has been windy! Those of you who came over during May should have noted that winds were persistent while we were tsting wine at the vineyard. We also had some sunlight, but we have to confess that the month has been soft and very gentle.

At the winery, our Sergi couldn’t stop bottling or labelling new vintages of our wines. Now we’ve got all 2012 Rocapoll (vi de la vila de Gratallops) bottled and laid to rest and improve in bottle, no rush here…

Regarding vins de la vila (village wines), well yes, on 2 May we participated in the 9th Tast amb Llops as “newbies”. We rolled out 2013 Mas de les Valls blanc (you had a first taste of it, Yolanda 😉 ) – a very peculiar white that we elaborate from white grenache and pedro ximènez. Now that it has been over a month bottled, it is starting to “crop out” its fruity, salty and bold temper, which was already clearly noticeable in the 2011 vintage! We also presented 2012 IL·LIA, which shows off its impressive blend of red and black fruit, aromatic herbs and spices mixed with mineral and chocolate notes… A wine that a year ahead from now will be a real blockbuster!

Well, actually, the true object of desire was undoubtedly 2012 Rocapoll, which incited a lot of word-of-mouth at the tasting and made someone cry with emotion: e.g. David Martín of VinifiCATs or Demos Bertran. Moreover, the very owners of Clos Mogado (René and Isabelle) highly valued it, also underlining the good job we did being a young winery and having three village wines! Any doubt? 😉

Do you remember that in the March newsletter, we mentioned out possible collaboration with the Urbansai project? So here it is! We have already available three new formulas of grapevine adoption featuring a very original interior design element: a small bonsai-style tree made of a grapevine trunk with natural leaves. Now you can adopt a vine, have wine and a piece of art in your living-roum. For the time being, it’s only available on the territory of Spain.

Finally, a picture from the past: our grenache terraces in May, 2006, already well-shaped. Nice memories!

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