Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (March, 2013)

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (March, 2013)

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Very busy Easter holiday: March 2013

In March, nature started to gradually liven up. It rained substantially, whereas we had more warm days, which shows that spring has already taken the reins. Almond trees finished their blossoming, and by the end of the month, vines cracked open their first buds. It’s now that we should focus on weeding the grass galore that has come up these days: because grapevines in Priorat are rather short it’s vital to weed the verdure that hinders the sound growth that fresh vine sprouts need.

Source: Infovi Tarragona

First and foremost, we’re happy to thank our vine adopters from Finland: Katri and Heikki published a post on their blog telling about the wines they received in their package. The text describes their experience and the story of the adoption (they had already known the vineyardwhere their adopted plants live). Paljon kiitoksia! (that is, many thanks!)

Our new 2009 “Mas de les Valls” vintage had one of its rollouts at the “Tastem” uninhibited tasting arranged by the editors of the Oenoguide of Tarragona wineries, see the report here.

Tourism dynamics at our winery are very pleasant: we even had sort of our hands full this month; while bottling and delivering new orders, carrying on with vineyard chores and running some commercial and admin tasks, we were fairly busy. We had time, though, to host wine tourists and, as you can check out at the Priorat tourist information website, we can’t complain about our performance.

The Easter holiday week was particularly good to play a great finale for this March, when just one half of our monthly wine tours walked through our doors. You could sense good vibrations both outside (sometimes there was no parking space – here in Gratallops!) and in the local press boasting 90% of occupancy in some lodging businesses.

What should we expect in April? Preparation errands towards the 2013 Falset Wine Fair to take place on 4 and 5 May. Why don’t you fix it in your agenda to use this chance to spend some nice days in our wine-growing region?

Greetings and speak soon!

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