Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (November 2014)

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (November 2014)

Windy and rainy! November, 2014

We realised that time really flies, last November! It seemed so short, so intense and so rainy! Particularly, the last weekend of the month.

The vineyards are already entirely unwinding after the grape harvest. They treated us to a few weeks of delectable colours! A real enchantment, particularly our old vineyard Rocapoll, where your adopted grapevines live! The lovely grass made the estate look like a flowered meadow! By the way, the DOQ Priorat appellation’s regulatory board has already notified us that the harvest was very good this year!

At the winery, we conducted post-fermentation pressing! Thus some wines have already entered to age in oak casks! We wish them a good journey. Every time we put new wine in barrels, it feels like a new pregnancy: we’ll have to test and taste the barrelled wine every now and then. By the way, we did this in November: we tasted our barrels to check our wines’ actual state. Some of them are nearly ready to be blended and bottled.

Groundwork towards the new 2015 wine tourism season is under way. Strategically, Priorat is gearing up to join the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, with the Parc Natural de la Serra de Montsant in the lead. Additionally, our DOQ Priorat wine appellation has obtained new signs on road accesses, within the program of wine region signposting in Catalonia.

We’re happy to tell you that if one day you walk by the Mercat de Sant Josep in Barcelona (La Boqueria), remember to call in at a very cosy place, where you can also find our wines: Paella Bar Boqueria. Stongly recommended!

Finally, we’d like to highlight the 25th anniversary of Priorat’s revival. The El Periódico newspaper allocated a special article featuring the personalities who we owe, partly, our existence as a business.

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