Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (October, 2013)

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (October, 2013)

NB. This newsletter was ready two weeks ago, but November – a theoretically calmer month than October – held us up with a few wine-making, wine-tour and even research projects that engaged us entirely, which is to be shared in the November newsletter… Meanwhile:

October, grape harvest that seemed endless

After quite a rainy spring that quenched this land of slate stones with loads of water, vineyards were able to resist the summer heat. The latter, however, didn’t stifle too much our county. Unlike in 2012, for example, the climatic outlook has been very mild and pleasant in the summer 2013.

That’s why the grape ripening has been gradual. If last year it made sense to start the grape harvest in mid-August, this year we set out to harvest in the second half of September, one full month later. And, as foretold by the DOQ Priorat Regulatory Board (Consell Regulador), the grape harvest has indeed expanded in time, so that when we were picking Carignan from the Rocapoll estate, the Grenache, that we first cropped, had already stopped fermenting.

Like in other wineries, some of our wine tourists could witness the harvest days and grape stomping, so those visits turned out particularly exciting for them. Moreover, some were lucky to join our grape picker party and enjoy this serious and at once playful activity in the charming landscape of vineyard costers (Catalan ofr slopes) and terrasses of Priorat. The weather that accompanied our grape harvest has been lovely: with moderate temperatures, scarce drizzles, and nice breeze.

This October saw our winery plugged in a few local media:

We’ll get back to you in two weeks! Cheers from Gratallops

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