Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (October, 2015)

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (October, 2015)

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Octubre finit, raïm recollit. (October over, grapes cropped. A Catalan saying)

October has just passed by. With these marvellous colours granted by this autumn month. This month, we’ve been boasting them a lot on Instagram, check them out here.

We were very lucky with the climate so that we were able to complete hastelessly the harvest and obtain the most valuable of our grapes: Carignan from the Rocapoll estate. After being manually cropped and screened, we carefully brought it to the winery, on an early morning. We fermented it in an oak cask and now it’s macerating inside the same cask to achieve a deeper, darker, purpler colour that epitomises the Rocapoll style and stays lively even after long ageing in oak and then in bottle.

Vineyards are now unwinding. October wasn’t really rainy, so there’s hardly any grass around. However, lichens and mosses are waking up and spreading their spongy carpet, which is so lovely to step on when strolling through a Priorat forerst… So far, the woods here are just good for a walk, there isn’t a single mushroom.

Another important update: we already know the points that our wine scored with the Guía Peñín wine book. Check them out here.

ON The web:

New reviews of our dear selves in Greig‘s and Chandler‘s blogs. And also a nice mention in our famous vine guardians from Finland Katri and Heikki.


photo archive:

Our vine adopters Lluís and Mercè visiting their vines in October, 2012. What memories!

Enoturisme al Priorat: regal pel Dia del Pare / Enoturismo en el Priorat: regalo para el Día del Padre

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