Celler Devinssi in the CNN report on the difficulties of the wine sector

Celler Devinssi in the CNN report on the difficulties of the wine sector

Save the water drink wine

We have been recently interviewed by the CNN journalist Anna Cooban for a report on the state of the wine market with climate change and different economic challenges facing wine producers.

We share the link to the full text of this article:

Extreme weather and falling demand are pushing wineries into the red

It cannot be denied that the drought of these last 2 long years has been a challenge for many winegrowers in Priorat. In this specific article we talk about the problem of lack of water for the vines and the difficulty some of us have had with the Cabernet Sauvignon variety, which has been very vulnerable to the drought.

In general, if you are interested, the global report on the forecast of global wine production to 2023 has recently been released on the website of the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine):

In 2023, world wine production is expected to be the smallest in the last 60 years

Right now the Celler Devinssi team is looking for solutions to the challenge of the drought. It will be necessary to make decisions to protect the vineyard and make a joint effort with the neighbourhood to get water.

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