Our visitors’ feedback at the website of the Priorat Tourism Office. Part 1

Our visitors’ feedback at the website of the Priorat Tourism Office. Part 1

The world of wine travel is very dynamic, so is the digital world… Just a few weeks ago the digital world of Priorat underwent some important changes: the update of the website of the Priorat Tourism Office. We’d like to congratulate the Consell comarcal on the new design and on the improved page load time. At the same time, we realised that visitors’ comments disappeared, so did the option of leaving a comment at an establishment’s profile, whether it’s a winery, an olive oil mill, a restaurant, a museum or whatever place of tourist interest listed at the web of Priorat Tourism  Office.

For our winery, the availability of such a public tool was very important because we knew how to capitalise on it and before the comments disappeared, we had amassed 71, posted between 2009 and 2015, i.e. 6 years of painstaking work. You can imagine that, for such a small business like our winery, having that many comments involved a lot of meticulous work with wine travellers who came over to visit our cellar, enjoyed the visit, tasted and purchased wines and would take home good memories… Most visitors don’t tend to leave comments on the Internet, although they can recommend us to friends and family through the grapevine… In order to achieve someone’s new online recommendation you have to deal with hundreds and hundreds of visitors reminding them of this option of posting their feedback.

We aren’t the only visitable winery in Priorat that had very good comments on that website. For example, Burgos Porta and Celler Cecílio also had a lot, in different languages from across the world… Understandably, not all public entitites have sufficient resources for online feedback management, so we’re very grateful to the fact that this miracle was able to live so long. We’ll now go on to explore other tools… We’re only at the outset!

Luckily, while browsing in our “backfiles” we found 62 out of those 71 comments posted by our wine travellers. So we’ll be publishing them here so that you have feedback about visiting our winery. Here’s the the first batch. If you like them, please click here to book a visit.

Hugs from Priorat

1 | Rachel Ritchie | 31-07-2009 13:16
I visited this winery last week. Lovely little “garage” winery nestled behind the church in Gratallops. The tasting room is just on the church square and open on Saturdays and Sundays. Worth a visit.
2 | Clara | 31-07-2009 21:00
Vistamos las viñas y la bodega Devinssi de la mano de Sergi, su bodeguero. Fue una mañana increíble, y nos admiramos tanto de sus explicaciones cómo del amor que transmite por el Priorat. La bodega es una pequeña maravilla y sus vinos exquisitos, además su pequeña boutique es sencillamente encantadora. Os lo recomiendo !!
3 | Cristina | 01-09-2009 21:05
Entranyable visita a les vinyes i al celler Devinssi, 100% recomenable. Gràcies a les explicacions tan enriquidores d’en Sergi vam poder descobrir els secrets del vi del Priorat, conèixer la seva el.laboració i tastar els seus excel.lents vins. El Cupatge 2007 extraordinari i l’Il.lia magnífic!
4 | Teresa | Sant Cugat | 16-07-2011 14:51
Fantàstica visita a les vinyes i al celler. Extraordinari tast de Il·lia 2007 i Mas de les Valls 2008. Amb ganes de tastar el Rocapoll, però aixó ja son paraules majors. Salutacions
5 | Oscar | Corbera de Llobregat | 20-07-2011 18:03
Divertido, fascinante, enriquecedor… simplemente GENIAL!!! Muy buena gente y unos vinos extraordinarios. Me quedo con el Mas de les Valls 2008, un vino con una relación calidad-precio brutal. La bodega es pequeña pero con mucho encanto y los viñedos con su cabaña te dan ganas de beber una copa de ese maravilloso caldo, contemplando el atardecer. 100% Recomendable.
6 | Jaume | BARCELONA | 23-07-2011 13:12
Impresionante visita a esta pequeña y familiar visita donde enseguida te encuentras como en tu casa y respiras el ambiente de una verdadera bodega artesanal. Os recomiendo su visita así como sus vinos, en especial el Il·lia 2006 una verdadero placer para degustar con calma y en buena conmpañia. Gracias Yura y José por una visita tan entrañable.
7 | Diego | Madrid | 23-07-2011 13:26
Celler Devinssi una verdadera bodega artesanal en el Priorato. Hemos probado sus vinos realamente bien hechos y equilibrados. Gracias a su propietario y colaborador que nos han hecho enseñado un poco mas del mundo del vino.
8 | Lara | Girona | 29-07-2011 15:39
Una visita molt i molt recomanable: vam disfrutar molt de les explicacions del Sergi, que aconsegueix transmetre el que veritablement és una passió per una feina artesanal i curosa. I els vins, excel·lents…
9 | Rachel | Perth | 03-08-2011 11:46
I have visited many vineyards around the world, but I have never experienced such a personalised and attentive tour. Well done DEVINSSI WINERY! After a production explanation, we were taken out into the vineyards to sip on sparkling wine whilst nibbling nuts and discussing the vines. This was followed by an enjoyable tasting back at the winery. Absolutely spectacular and certainly worth a visit. Rachel
10 | Irina Berdnikova | Saint Petersburg, Russia | 15-08-2011 08:16
Last week I visited Devinssi, which was a very memorable experience. Josep Roca showed me around the little winery and was amazed to learn that all works are manual at each stage! I first tasted Mas de les Valls 2008, then Il·lia 2007, the latter is an very fine wine. I walked to the vineyards, too, to see the vines grow and to take some photos of the gorgeous scenery with the Montsant mountain at the background. Finally, I asked Yura (or Jordi as people often call him there) to accompany me to the hermitage outside Gratallops, so I climbed all the way up the hill to discover the splendid landscape around! Thank you so much and… a reveure!

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