COVID-19? Cheer up! We’re resuming our wine tastings at the vineyard online!

COVID-19? Cheer up! We’re resuming our wine tastings at the vineyard online!

online wine tasting Devinssi PrioratFor many of us, lockdown is a challenge. And in the first months of release we do not know if we’ll be able to travel far from our homes. To see the vineyard landscapes, talk personally to people who turned winemaking into their passion…

That’s why we’ve thought of giving you this chance to see our grapevines live through customised visits to our vineyard. How can they be done?

When you buy 6 or more bottles of our DOQ Priorat / DO Montsant wine from our online shop, you can enjoy a discount.

Jordi UstrellAnd this bonanza goes further: you will also have a customised virtual visit to the vineyard, live with Jordi Ustrell.


  • Order paid at our online wine shop of at least 6 bottles.
  • Vineyard adopters: ask us for the customised promotion code.
  • Maximum runtime of the virtual tasting: 40 minutes.
  • Experience available in: Catalan, Spanish, English, French or Russian.
  • Contact us via mail or WhatsApp to fix the time.
  • USA, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, China: ask us where to find wines locally.

Priorat vineyardThe wine landscape keeps its normal pace, like every year. We’re taking care of the vines with the same excitement as always: pruning, fertilizing, green-pruning, weeding, protecting… We are still on the alert for the weather conditions…

We are the only to see the vines now. This year the vineyard will feel a little lonely without wine travellers’ voices who have come every year to meet them. Many of you who have already had the opportunity to come to Priorat, were astonished by the general size of our vines: whether young or old, they do not exceed a certain stature, often having their fruit just a span off the ground… Priorat’s small vines, making their effort to pierce the slate with their roots to find a little more water.

Priorat’s vineyards have a lot of merit and they really like to show off their survival in the harsh climatic conditions that have always led them to this small yet high-quality yield.

This year, you are staying at home and so is the vineyard. The vineyard, in its case, has been used to living alone and seeing its winemakers from time to time for millennia. And Priorat’s vineyards in particular could give us, in fact, a good lesson of patience, perseverance, heroic recovery after a period of difficulties also caused by pandemics: first powdery mildew and then phylloxera.

Would you like to meet the heroic vineyards?

Tasting wine at the vineyard! We’ll be there again one day!
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