DOQ Priorat wine tours under October rains

DOQ Priorat wine tours under October rains

This October has been marked by rain in the province of Tarragona. Our vineyards, well ploughed after early vintage, have received an avalanche of long-awaited rainwater and the farmland has started to grow fresh and juicy grass typical of our autumn.

At the winery, once the fermentation and pressing tasks were completed, we could turn hand to some improvement we had planned for this October: the transfer of our wine shop. As you may already know, we had the shop with the tasting room at another location. Starting this November, visitors can realise the whole wine tours in our winery: learn about the artisan wine-making, take pictures with the barrels, do a tasting and buy a few bottles.

We found some new entries in some Russian travel blogs by visitors who came over this summer and afterwards published some pictures of our winery. The word of mouth, in fact, is vital in this case, since among the Russian visitors of the latest beach season some reached us through recommendations.

Another piece of news regards our vine adopters club. Owing to the increase in the number of participants and, therefore, that of sponsored plants, making photos of the vineyard plant by plant proved very knotty this August.

So we decided to rethink the format of this newsletter, concretely its visual content. Starting from September 2012 we’ve been mailing only a general panorama of the adopted vineyard. New subscribers, however, still receive pictures of their vines in the first message.

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