Our 2020 IL·LIA ranks among top 5 Priorats rated by the Enos Wein & Kultur magazine

Our 2020 IL·LIA ranks among top 5 Priorats rated by the Enos Wein & Kultur magazine

IL·LIA DOQ Priorat red wine, Celler Devinssi, Gratallops, wine tasting

Great news! We have just found out that our 2020 IL·LIA (DOQ Priorat) was tasted this past October by the German journalist and wine expert Eckhard Supp, editor of the magazine “Enos Wein & Kultur“.

We are pleased to know and let you know that IL·LIA has scored 5 out of 5 stars (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Spitzenwein von internationalem Format – “top wine of international format”, according to the magazine’s definition). The tasting note describes this wine as a:

of “good dense red colour, nutty aromas on the nose, good aromatic depth, juicy, fruity, full-bodied, good acidity, aromatic length, a good wine”. 

The author also explains the approach and overview of the tasting:

“We have now had the pleasure of tasting two handfuls of reds and three whites, mainly from the 2020 to 2022 vintages, with the reds, with a few exceptions, showing rather cool statistics, accentuated by pleasant acidity when young. The focus was clearly on elegance and aromatic depth. As far as the qualities are concerned, there was an exceptionally coherent picture, although this cannot necessarily be generalized given the manageable number of wines that we received.” 

The biggest and most pleasant surprise we have received is that our 2020 IL·LIA has been rated as one of the 5 best wines in the tasted selection:

DOQ Priorat wine tasting, DOQ Priorat top wines, Eckhard Supp Enos Wein & Kultur

Top five DOQ Priorat wines. Source: Enos Wein & Kultur

“Our top 5: 
Ferrer Bobet (Porrera) – Priorat Vinyes Velles 2019
Familia Nin-Ortiz (Porrera) – Priorat Planetes Classic 2021
Casa Gran del Siurana, S.L. (Bellmunt del Priorat) – Priorat Gran Cruor Selecció Caranyena 2015
Devinssi (Gratallops) – Priorat IL·LIA 2020
Familia Nin-Ortiz (Porrera) – Priorat Garnatxes Planetes 2022″ 

If you are a wine distributor or importer, please contact us.

For direct customers, you can buy 2020 IL·LIA in our online shop: https://www.taulaseleccio.com/en/botiga/d-o-q-priorat/

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