Celler Devinssi wines (DOQ Priorat) tasted by “Wein.Plus”

Celler Devinssi wines (DOQ Priorat) tasted by “Wein.Plus”

More news from wine tasters in Germany! A couple of weeks ago we published the tasting note of our IL·LIA according to “Enos Wein & Kultur” magazine.

Today we learned that the results of the tasting of our three DOQ Priorat wines by the tasters of the German platform “Wein.Plus” have already been published.

Below we quote the tasting notes and the score for each wine. You can read the original in German in this pdf file.

2020 IL·IA: 90 points

wine tasting notes DOQ Priorat IL·LIA 2020 Celler Devinssi Gratallops

Red Grenache, Carginan, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah. 18-month ageing.

“Clear, slightly ethereal, restrained, fleshy nose of ripe red and black berries with aromas of dried herbs, some pepper and nuts, a little violet and lavender, cola nut and tobacco nuances.

Ripe, warm, juicy fruit, fine, rather dark ethereal spice, Mediterranean herbs and again lavender-floral tones, crumbly tannins, lots of power and good substance, has warm and cool elements, certain depth, salty minerality, chocolaty flavours, still young, very good, juicy, nutty and chocolaty, high-alcohol finish, again with cooling ethereal spice and salt.

Best to drink: Mid-2024 to 2032+.”


2021 red Mas de les Valls: 88 points

wine tasting notes DOQ Priorat Mas de les Valls red 2021 Celler Devinssi Gratallops

Red Grenache, Carginan, Cabernet Sauvignon. 10-month ageing. .

“Firm, warm aroma of very ripe black berries, but also raspberries and wild strawberries with fine, dark ethereal spice, nutty tones, cocktail cherries and liquorice.

Ripe, youthful, fairly juicy fruit, crumbly tannins and some bite, nutty, herbal and slightly floral flavours, lots of power and melting, persistent on the palate, restrained chocolate, some peanut, salt in the background, has a certain freshness, some depth, again ethereal spice, herbal tones, very good, quite firm, juicy and spicy finish, again with salt.

Best to drink: 2024-2030+.”


2022 white Mas de les Valls: 87 points

wine tasting notes DOQ Priorat Mas de les Valls white 2022 Celler Devinssi Gratallops

Caringnan, Pedro Ximènez, White Grenache. Lees ageing .

“Delicate floral scent with bright yellow fruit and slightly red berry aromas as well as delicate melon tones.

Ripe, again rather light, very dry fruit with smoky and nutty oak spice, very elegant acidity, moderate grip, certain power and warming alcohol, some persistence, good to very good, again smoky and spicy oak and a slightly warm alcoholic finish.

Best to drink: Until 2026+.”



Our 2020 IL·LIA ranks among top 5 Priorats rated by the Enos Wein & Kultur magazine


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