Wine tourism in Priorat: the 19th Falset Wine Fair in your agenda!

Wine tourism in Priorat: the 19th Falset Wine Fair in your agenda!

Wine tourism in Priorat. Falset Wine Fair 2013As you know, preparations have begun towards the 19th Falset Wine Fair, where, as usual, you’ll have a chance to discover and taste wines coming from both wine appellations covering our county: DOQ Priorat and DO Montsant. We expect this event to attract – like in previous years – thousands of wine tourists, and we hope to welcome your visit to Priorat on 3 and 4 May. Last year’s record reached as high as 13,000 people during 2 days of the fair.

At the Celler Devinssi Winery, we’re planning to roll out our 2011 “Mas de les Valls” at the wine fair, both its red and white versions, with the new label desgin.

We suspect that you may have read numerous comments made by our friends about2009 “Mas de les Valls”, which was very successful at the 18th Falset Wine Fair in 2013. Otherwise, you could have a look at some of them:

Well, this year you’ll have a chance to taste two new versions of the classical wine: 2011 “Mas de les Valls” – red and white.

Mas de les Valls 2011 DOQ Priorat, 1068d'Il·lia DO MontsantTo have a glimpse of these two wines, you might wish to check out David’s blog (in Spanish): “Enoturismo en el Priorat (II): los vinos del Celler Devinssi“, or if you’re daring enough and try to read in Finnish, there’s an entry by our grapevine adopters Katri and Heikki: “Mas de les Valls, loistava arki-priorat“.

If the red version of our “Mas de les Valls” has already been to several Falset wine fairs, the white is going to be a 2014 novelty. As you may well know, white grape varieties account for around 5% of Priorat grape harvest. Our white wine was madr from white Grenache and pedro ximènez, both of which were harvested in our village of Gratallops, and therefore the DOQ Priorat regulatory board qualified it as vi de la vila de Gratallops.

Adopt a grapevine in Priorat. Wine tourism with Celler DevinssiWe aren’t sure yet if we’ll introduce the new vintage of our DOQ Priorat “Il·lia”, however we’ll certainly will exhibit our “1068 d’Il·lia” that we produce in the DO Montsant, so when at our booth, you’ll be able to enjoy at the same time wines from two wine appellations spanning our region. Neither do we know if we’ll be offering to taste our vi ranci, however we’ll let you know via our Facebook and Twitter.

What we are 100% certain of is that you’ll be able to have the lowdown on our wine tourism proposition known as grapevine adoption: it’s an original gift for a friend or relative who’s a wine lover. Upon request, you’ll be able to purchase such an adoption and enrol them in the club.

Logo 19th Falset Wine Fair 2014

Official poster for the 19th Falset Wine Fair. Source:

In the meantime, the official website for the Falset Wine Fair has already published this year’s poster, where we can see two women drinking wine and which intends to underline women’s role in Priorat wine-making. Its author is Natàlia Sanahuges, native of Falset; you can get to know her better via the blog run by the wine journalist Ruth Troyano.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Falset Wine Fair! See you soon!


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