IL·LIA 2020 (DOQ Priorat): Silver medal awarded by Mundus Vini

IL·LIA 2020 (DOQ Priorat): Silver medal awarded by Mundus Vini

priorat wine tasting IL·LIA 2020 medal MUNDUS VINI

Our IL·LIA 2020 (DOQ Priorat) red wine continues to win awards in Germany! We have just received news from the Mundus Vini wine tasting: we have been awarded a silver medal for this wine made from Grenache Noir, Carignan, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

The announcement of the results informs us that:

“Due to our strict rules, the awarding of medals is limited to a maximum of 40 percent of the entries, and your wine has mastered this hurdle with flying colours.”

Mundus Vini is an international wine competition held in Germany. It is organised by the publishing house Meininger Verlag. Mundus Vini aims to promote quality wines from all over the world and provide consumers with guidance in selecting wines. Wineries from various wine-producing regions submit their wines to be judged by an expert panel composed of oenologists, sommeliers, wine journalists, and other professionals in the wine industry. The competition awards medals to outstanding wines based on blind tastings and evaluations conducted by the panel of judges. Winning a Mundus Vini medal is considered a prestigious accolade in the wine industry and can help boost the recognition and sales of a particular wine.

A few months ago, IL·LIA 2020 received excellent feedback from wine tasters in Germany: from the magazine “Enos Wein & Kultur“ and from the tasting platform “Wein.Plus“. Read more below.

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Celler Devinssi wines (DOQ Priorat) tasted by “Wein.Plus”


Our 2020 IL·LIA ranks among top 5 Priorats rated by the Enos Wein & Kultur magazine

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