A vineyard in Priorat as a Christmas gift!

A vineyard in Priorat as a Christmas gift!

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Yuletide is getting closer, so we’re facing this period when everybody’s looking for a special gift, whether for Christmas or for the New Year. There are also presents for people who love wine, who love exporing the world of wine-making, discovering vineyard panoramas, sharing a nice chat with friends and family over a glass of wine, or strolling through vineyard aisles and visiting wineries…

We can give them, say, a Christmas gift set featuring a wine selection to their taste, or surprise them with a wine tourism experience (for example a grape escape to wine making region with wine tastings and stays at small hotels or rural cottages in the area).

It’s quite a few years since we started promoting the gift idea for wine lovers that brings together our DOQ Priorat wines and an experience that, actually, goes beyond a wine tour: grapevine adoptions. We intend to revive this link between wine consumers and the land that gives life to wines they drink. We want our vine adopters to remember – while uncorking a bottle of wine – that they have some vines here in Priorat that we take care of artisanally and that produce this delicious beverage.

Additionally, according to our experience, most of our grapevine guardians love visiting us and getting to know their plants and also participating in activities (master classes) focused on looking after the vines, thus making an input to the creation of a unique and irreplicable product: handcraft wine. See the gallery below.

What does an annual subscription include under Celler Devinssi’s vine adoption programme (DOQ Piorat)?

  • adopter’s certificate
  • our wines
  • monthly newsletter about vineyard and cellar
  • 1 visit to the winery and vineyards for 2 persons (or, alternatively, participation in a master class) with wine-tasting
  • discounts on our other products
  • optional: an extra customised greeting/congratulation label

So if you want an original Christmas present linked to the wine-making world, see just below our adoption formulas:


What some media say about our grapevine adoptions

time out barcelona la vanguardia tarragona

ràdio falset ara cat

What to do if I’m already a grapevine adopter with Celler Devinssi?

  • You can renew your adoption purchasing your current formula
  • You can renew your adoption purchasing a different formula
  • You can give a vine adoption to friends and relatives
  • If you’re already enough familiar with tou wines and want someone else to visit it, no problem
  • If you’re already an adopter, you can aslo put forward ideas of activities you’d like to do with us: just reply to any mothly newsletter you received.

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