An elegant idea of a Christmas gift: a grapevine adoption in Priorat, south of Barcelona, Spain

Оригинальный подарок к Новому году и Рождеству. Вариант украшения

An elegant idea of a Christmas gift: a grapevine adoption in Priorat, south of Barcelona, Spain

An original Christmas gift idea. Adornment suggestion

Christmas, New Year’s Eve and los Reyes (the Magi) are already round the bend, so the search of an original idea of a gift is cropping up again. At the Celler Devinssi winery (DOQ Priorat) we’ve come up with a possible solution. Do you fancy an original gift that would be romantic and handy at once? A valuable thingy that you can give them straightaway so that they’ll enjoy it all year ahead?

Our suggestion is a grapevine adoption at our Rocapoll vineyard in DOQ Priorat, Spain. This year, towards the Christmas campaign, we’re rolling out the little box “I’m Giving you a Vine” that looks elegant and artisan.

Vineyard in Priorat, Spain, as a Christmas gift!

This gift box includes a brief and clear description for the vine adopter, a business-card-size certificate, which fits perfectly in your wallet so that you can boast it in front of your friends. Plus, it carries a lump of llicorella (slate stone), a rock that epitomises the Priorat terroir.

Putting any doubts aside, this little gift box, as always, goes together with a case of our wines combined in our formulas: AB and CClearly, the gift includes as well a wine tour to our bodega with a tasting and a visit to the adopted vineyard and 12 monthly newsletter updates about the vineyard, winery and Priorat.

Artisan wines DOQ Priorat, Tarragona. Bodega Devinssi

This gift is ideal for those who are into original and innovative items united with wine-making artisan tradition, for those who love rural and gastronomy tours in an awe-inspiring natural setting.

To know more about these gifts, please click here.

To choose and purchase a grapevine adoption formula, follow this link.

Wine tours, wine tourism, bodega tastings, DOQ Priorat, Spain

It’s been a year and a half since we brought out the grapevine adoptions as a gift idea. Frankly, we believe that it’s been a consistent success so far, as we started this project from scratch and we’ve already allocated over 70 vines. Below is a map showing our grapevine guardians’ main locations. To view the original map, click here.

Where our grapevine guardians live. Wine tours DOQ Priorat, Bodega Devinssi

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