Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (June, 2013)

Grapevine adopters’ newsletter (June, 2013)

Juny comença l’estiu: tot riu i tot viu… (June begins the summer: everything laughs and everything lives. A Catalan saying)

As you may well know, this year’s June kept us pretty soaked and, in some regions of Catalonia, there were some damages in orchards due to hailstorms. In Gratallops, hail didn’t have much effect, and luckily, vineyards weren’t affected by a mile.

At the beginning of June, we saw the end of blossoming in olive trees and – no doubt – grapevines. So now we can see new bold nice grape clusters right under olive trees that are growing their respective olives…

At the winery, two important rollouts took place: Il·lia 2008, which is already available for tasting. And Rocapoll 2010, half of which has already been booked. Both wines have been elaborated without any haste, just taking the necessary time for piecemeal ageing in French oak barrels and then polishing in laid bottles.

This June, some of vineyard adopters visited us here in Gratallops – many thanks! Now in the summer, your plants will turn increasingly lovely – let’s wait and see when they start breaking ripe this year. Another feather in the cap is that our blog in Russian has started to return on the investment: we’ve been hosting our first visits that contacted us directly. Another fad we’re into now is Instagram: if you want to follow us, the nickname is prioratwinetours.

July is preparing its news; we’ll share them with you in just a few weeks. Cheers!

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