Let’s meet at Tast amb Llops 2015!

Let’s meet at Tast amb Llops 2015!

In fact, we wanted to title it: “Celler Devinssi, the big revelation at TastambLlops 2015”, however owing to our modesty, we haven’t done that 🙂

Anyway, on 2 May, we’ll be in Plaça de Dalt, Gratallops, from 6 to 9 pm, together with other 10 wineries operating in our village and also with some guest wineries.

Over the recent years, CellerDevinssi has participated quite a few times in the Wine Fair held in early May in Falset and involving our county’s both wine appellations: DOQ Priorat and DO Montsant. Meanwhile, we’ve been keeping an eye on the event that belongs to the extended version of the Fair: TastambLlops (“Tasting with Wolves” in Catalan) at the Cal Llop Hotel. This is a get-together that englobes the cellars that have wines entirely produced in our village of Gratallops, therefore these wines are called ‘vins de la vila’.

What are ‘vins de vila’? They’re wines elaborated from grapes that were harvested within the same municipal area. For further details, please visit the official website of the Consell Regulador de la DOQ Priorat.

It is a few vintages since we started producing the small-output wine called Rocapoll (100% samsó / carignan). In 2013, we rolled out Mas de les Valls 2011 (white wine), which succeeded at the 2014 Wine Fair in Falset.

This year, we have three wines certified as vins de la vila de Gratallops:

  • Rocapoll 2012 – a wine that comes from an old slope of ours planted with over-80-year-old carignan grapevines
  • IL·LIA 2012 – this one was our first brand, and now we elaborate it entirely from grapes cropped in Gratallops
  • Mas de les Valls 2013 (white) – the 2nd edition of our white wine, which will debut on 2 May, together with IL·LIA 2012 and Rocapoll 2012.

We feel a bit challenged, as we are sort of new members to the family. However, we are looking forward to the event, so that we will be able to show our passion about our village’s terroir via our wines and to enjoy the good vibes. Gratallops will be represented by 11 wineries. If we add the guest wineries, it will total nearly 20.

By the way, to round off the experience, the tasting will be accompanied by the guys of Quartet Gaia, who are already preparing their special music list to pair the vins de la vila de Gratallops with string instruments.

The admission fee is 50€, which is to be paid on arrival. For bookings, please contact the Cal Llop Hotel: hotel@cal-llop.com

You can follow Tast amb Llops on the web: via the official page, Facebook and Twitter


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